How to buy crypto in the BitBoxApp?

We partner with MoonPay to offer you a seamless way to buy crypto directly within the BitBoxApp. 

MoonPay is a platform that makes it easy and quick to buy crypto in over 160+ countries.

Payment methods and fees

You can buy crypto instantly via MoonPay with the following payment methods. 

Credit or debit card orders are instant and convenient, but more expensive due to increased chargeback risk. We recommend using the bank transfer option for larger amounts. 

The minimum fee is 4 USD/EUR or equivalent.

  • Bank transfer: 1.9 % Lowest fees, can take up to 3 working days
  • Credit Card: 4.9 % Higher fees but quick and instant

Please note that MoonPay's exchange rates can differ from the ones used in the BitBoxApp, resulting in slightly different amounts.

Security model

When you buy crypto via MoonPay, you are using an external service. This service is out of scope of the BitBox02 Security Threat model and relies on the safety and security of the environment which the BitBoxApp software is running in. See our security threat model

Data protection

The BitBoxApp does not collect any data when buying crypto, the incoming funds are treated like a regular transaction. MoonPay needs to collect some personal data to operate. Their Privacy Policy explains in detail how that data is handled. See the MoonPay privacy policy

Buying Crypto

In order to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum via Moonpay, click the "Buy Crypto" button in the left sidebar, read the notice & agree in order to continue. Then choose which coin you want to buy and follow the in-App buying process.