How do I verify my BitBoxApp download?

We encourage our users to verify our releases. You can follow the signature verification guides for Linux, MacOS, and Windows to verify the authenticity and integrity of your app.

To verify the checksum that's listed on the download page, please follow these steps:

Hint: Some browsers automatically unzip the downloaded file. You'll need to compute the checksum on the downloaded file without unzipping it, this is relevant for the .zip MacOS download. Turn off automatic unzipping in the browser settings in case you notice that your downloads folder does not show the .zip and you get an incorrect checksum.

1. Go to the downloaded file, select it and copy it's path (ctrl-shift-c)
2. Open the command line (CMD)
3. Type in certutil -hashfile [insert-filename] SHA256 (you can insert the filename with a right mouse click) and press ENTER
4. Compare the output to what's listed on the website

1. Go to your downloads folder
2. Open the terminal
3. Type in shasum -a 256, then drag the downloaded file into the terminal screen (or enter the filename manually), and then press ENTER
5. Compare the output to what's listed on the website

You can follow the MacOS instructions for most linux distributions.