Why is my Bitcoin address "invalid"?

There are multiple formats of address in Bitcoin. 
  • Bitcoin Legacy: Addresses start with 1...
  • Bitcoin Wrapped-SegWit: Addresses start with 3...
  • Bitcoin Bech32: Addresses start with bc1... (Also known as "Native SegWit").

The BitBox02 only supports the "Wrapped-SegWit Bitcoin" & "Bitcoin bech32" formats.
Bitcoin bech32 is the most modern address format and it is therefore, used as the default address format in the BitBoxApp.

Issue 1: Service does not support bech32 addresses

If you are using an exchange/wallet that does not support "Bitcoin bech32"  addresses (bc1…), click the “change to compatible address (segwit)” button on the "Receive" page to get a "Bitcoin" address with a leading 3…

Issue 2: Service does not automatically remove "bitcoin:" prefix

When you copy an address from the BitBoxApp it will start with a "bitcoin:..." prefix. This is an industry standard but unfortunately some exchanges/wallets do not follow that standard and will tell you that the address is invalid. In that case, please manually remove the "bitcoin:" prefix so that your address starts with "bc1..." or "3...", and it is recognized by such services or wallets you happen to be using.