MyEtherWallet: BitBox01 not recognised

MyEtherWallet does not support BitBox01 any longer since July 2021. 

You need to use their old version hosted here:

Important notes:

  • You need to use Chrome, no other browser will work
  • Ensure that no other App that could try to connect to your BitBox01 is open. Close the BitBoxApp, Electrum, etc.


  1. Open in Chrome
  2. Select “Access My Wallet”
  3. Choose “Hardware”, then “BitBox”, then “BitBox01”
  4. Enter your normal BitBox01 device password
  5. You will then see a Pop-Up in the upper left corner of Chrome, click on “Digital BitBox firmware”, then click “connect”.
  6. In the “Network and Address” popup, open the “Network” section, and below “ETH” select “
  7. In the “Address” section select your ETH address
  8. Agree to terms & conditions by selecting the checkbox and click “Access my wallet”
  9. Done, you can now access your ETH wallet on your BitBox01.

Reminder: We stopped selling the BitBox01 in Nov 2019 and it's being phased out. We recommend all users move their coins to a different hardware wallet such as the BitBox02 as soon as possible. 
More info: