My order shows "PRE-ORDER", what does that mean?

    Pre-order information

    Demand for our BitBox products has been rising steadily. Manufacturing security hardware is complex and can come with significant delays if certain components are not readily available. We want to be transparent about when you'll receive your BitBox02. If we see that there will be a waiting time for you until production catches up, we mark affected products with "PRE-ORDER" and give an estimate on when we will resume shipping.

    Shipping orders with "PRE-ORDER" items

    • If your order contains a “PRE-ORDER” item, your order will be shipped as soon as that item is back in stock.
    • If your order contains different “PRE-ORDER” items, the full order will be shipped once all items in your order are back in stock.

    BitBox02 pre-order (current estimates)

    We fulfill orders according to the order date. Please check your confirmation email to see the date when you placed your order.
    🎉 All pre-orders have been shipped