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We strive to provide the best possible customer support. In order to keep waiting times as short as possible, please make sure to check if your question has already been answered in our help desk before contacting us. Thank you very much :)

Provide the following details when contacting support

Please provide us with the question or a problem description as much detailed as possible.

Telegram Group

If your question is of general nature and does not require you to share personal details, please join our Telegram group and ask in there. We have a relatively big community: chances are high you will get a quick answer.

Note: please beware of phishing and spam. Unfortunately, any system is subject to abuse. Our Telegram groups are no exception. DO NOT EVER post your seed, private or public keys, passwords and any other sensitive information to the group. If you have been contacted in a private message requesting such data, please report their username to us so we can investigate and take approprate measures.


Use the following address: support@shiftcrypto.ch
Note: Please do not use @t-mobile.de or @t-online.de email addresses to contact us as we are currently having issues delivering emails to these hosts. Please use a different email address to contact us.
Note: Please make sure the total size of all attachments is less than 20MB.

Trusted domains and email addresses

We control the following domains. If you encounter a copy on a different domain, consder it a phishing website and please do report it to us so we can investigate.

  • shiftcrypto.ch - the main website
  • shiftcrypto.shop - online web shop
  • shiftcrypto.support - support website with FAQs, troubleshooting guides and other such info
  • shiftcrypto.io - services to support BitBoxApp like the full blockchain nodes and currency exchange rates
  • shiftcrypto.dev - internal development resources
  • digitalbitbox.com - redirect to the main website
  • shiftcrypto.org - redirect to the main website
  • shiftcryptosecurity.ch - redirect to the main website
  • shiftcryptosecurity.com - redirect to the main website
  • shiftdevices.com - redirect to the main website
All domains are configured to always redirect to HTTPS. Where possible and makes sense, we also submit domains to HSTS preload list and Public Suffix List.

We always send authenticated emails, from shiftcrypto.ch domain only. Authenticated emails help fighting spam and phishing but please do keep in mind it is not a silver bullet. We will never ask you to reveal a seed, keys, passwords or any other sensitive information. Consider an email originating from any other domain as phishing and please forward it to us so we can investigate.