Can I have multiple separate accounts on my BitBox02?

The BitBoxApp allows you to easily create additional accounts. This can be useful in in order to separate coins for different purposes. For example you could have a private, work & child account. Each of these accounts has its own receive addresses, transaction history & extended public key.  
The wallet backup is identical for all accounts meaning that you don't need to create a new backup when you create a new account; the new account is already included in your wallet backup that you created when you set up your BitBox02.

In order to create additional accounts:
  1. Unlock your BitBox02
  2. Go to "Settings" in the BitBoxApp
  3. Select "Manage accounts"
  4. Click "Add account"
  5. Select the coin for which you want to create an account
  6. Give the account a name e.g. "savings"
  7. Click "Add account"
The new account will now show up in the BitBoxApp sidebar. Done :)