How to use the backup recovery tool?

What is the backup recovery tool?

The backup recovery tool allows you to extract your 24 recovery words from your microSD card wallet backup so that you can import these 24 recovery words into a different hardware wallet in order to restore access to your wallet. 

When do I need the backup recovery tool?

  • Your BitBox02 is lost or broken; and
  • You cannot get your hands on a new BitBox02; and
  • You only have a microSD card wallet backup (but didn't manually write down your 24 recovery words).

If all of the above chekcs for your current situation, keep on reading.


Only use the backup recovery tool if absolutely necessary as it requires you to plug your microSD card into your computer via a microSD reader or native port. This microSD contains your wallet back-up. This is not recommenced unless ultimately necessary.

Backup center instructions

  1. Before you start: Make sure that you have a new & safe wallet (preferably a hardware wallet) ready where you can send your coins to once you have obtained your 24-word mnemonic seed.
  2. On an offline computer, download the backup recovery page from Github and run it without any Internet connection (offline)! 
  3. Plug the microSD card that holds your wallet backup into the offline computer.
  4. Click the "Choose file" button and select the wallet backup file from you microSD card.
  5. You will then see your BIP-39 recovery words (24 recovery words).
  6. Import the generated recovery words into a wallet application, such as Electrum.
  7. Send your coins to a safe, newly generated wallet, as the original wallet generated by your BitBox02 could now be compromised as you imported it on your normal computer.