AdaLite guide

What is AdaLite?

AdaLite is a web wallet for Cardano. Together with the BitBox02, you can use it to send, receive and stake securely on Cardano. It is simple, lightweight, and easy to use.

Get started with AdaLite

Learn how to use Cardano with your BitBox02 Multi hardware wallet.

Step 1: Setup the BitBox02 Multi

If your BitBox02 is new, prepare it by downloading and installing the BitBoxApp. The setup wizard will guide you through all setup and backup steps.
Note: To use Cardano, please make sure you have the latest firmware installed (9.8.0 or greater). To install the latest firmware, install the latest BitBoxApp and update the firmware in the device settings.

Step 2: Install the BitBoxBridge

To use web wallets such as AdaLite, you need to download and install the latest BitBoxBridge software. The BitBoxBridge is a background application that allows the BitBox02 to communicate with web-based wallets. This is not necessary if you're using the Chrome browser.

Step 3: Connect the BitBox02 to AdaLite

  1. Go to (Please check the URL is

  2. Click Hardware wallet and then select BitBox02

  3. Unlock your BitBox02 by entering the password on the device
    Note: If your BitBox02 is already unlocked, this step will be skipped.

  4. If you're using AdaLite for the first time, it will show you a pairing code. Confirm that the code shown on AdaLite matches the code on the BitBox02. Then confirm the code on the BitBox02.
    Note: You will be prompted with a pairing code whenever you use the BitBox02 with a new browser or computer.

Done. You are now ready to use AdaLite!

Receive ADA to your BitBox02

To receive ADA to your BitBox02, click the receive tab in AdaLite. It will show you a list of receive addresses. Select one, click the copy address button and paste the address where you want to send from (or scan the QR code). Before you send, please click the verify on BitBox02 button on AdaLite and verify the address shown on the BitBox02 matches with the sender.

Note: To send and receive Cardano tokens, please make sure your BitBox02 is up to date with the latest firmware (version 9.9.0 or greater). To update your BitBox02 firmware, install the latest BitBoxApp and update the firmware in the "Manage device" tab.

Send ADA from your BitBox02

To send ADA to your BitBox02, click the send tab in AdaLite. Enter the address you want to send to, the amount of ADA you want to send, and then click send. Review your transaction and click confirm transaction. You will be prompted to confirm the transaction details on the BitBox02. Please verify that the address, amount, and fee are correct on the BitBox02, then confirm the transaction on the BitBox02.

Stake ADA with your BitBox02

To stake ADA with your BitBox02, click the staking tab in AdaLite. Enter the staking pool ID of the pool you want to stake with. Then click delegate and confirm the transaction. Finally, confirm on the BitBox02.

Note: By default, the AdaLite pool ID is used. If you want to stake with AdaLite, you can simply keep the default pool ID.