Can I create a wallet with my own entropy?

Yes, the BitBox02 allows you to create your own wallet seed without the help of additional hardware or software. Because humans are surprisingly bad at making random choices, the best way is to roll dice. It sounds ridiculous, but this is a proven way to get enough randomness (also called "entropy").

Please keep in mind, you don’t need to do this. The BitBox02 uses five different sources of entropy to create high-quality randomness: from manufacturing, your device password, the host computer, the microcontroller and the secure chip. Each source can only add randomness, not reduce it. With the firmware fully open-source and reproducibly built, anyone can check how that works.

But a hardware wallet should be a tool for personal sovereignty. This is why creating your own seed can be an empowering experience. And if done well, you can get a truly random seed that can easily be verified, with zero trust put in the inner workings of the BitBox02 to create randomness.

Read more in our step-by-step guide that comes with everything you need, including instructions to download to do everything offline: