Staking ETH with the BitBox02

There are various platforms that can be used to stake Ethereum. Two popular ones are MyEtherWallet and Lido.

How to Stake with MyEtherWallet

How to stake with Lido

Note: to use Lido with the BitBox02, you will need to use it with Rabby (a Metamask fork). Follow this guide on how to connect the BitBox02 with Rabby.

Beware of the risks!

Be sure to do your own research and familiarize yourself with how staking works and the risks involved before proceeding. These staking services have no association with BitBox and have not been officially tested by BitBox. They may not work as expected or completely stop working at any point, resulting in stuck, hard to recover or permanently lost coins.

Risks of staking with MyEtherWallet

Risks of staking with Lido