How to use your BitBox02 with MyEtherWallet?


  • A BitBox02 Multi edition hardware wallet
  • The BitBox02 needs to be set up. If it isn’t follow this guide
  • If you are using Brave Browser, deactivate the "shield".

Getting started

Step 1: Setup the BitBox02 Multi

If your BitBox02 is new, set up the device by downloading and installing the BitBoxApp and following the in-app instructions.

Download BitBoxApp

Step 2: Install BitBoxBridge

To use your BitBox02 with web wallets such as MyEtherWallet, you need to download and install the BitBoxBridge. The BitBoxBridge is a program that runs in the background and allows the BitBox02 to communicate with web based wallets.

Download BitBoxBridge

Step 3: Start using MyEtherWallet with the BitBox02

Go to
Click “Access My Wallet” then choose “Hardware”.
Select “BitBox” and then “BitBox02”.
Unlock your BitBox02 by entering the password on the device.
When using MyEtherWallet for the first time, you will be prompted with a pairing code.
Confirm on your BitBox02 that the pairing code matches and select “Continue”.
Now select the account/address you want to use, accept the terms and click “Access My Wallet”.
Done! You can now use your BitBox02 to send, receive and interact with Ethereum and ERC-20 tokens.

    Note: You will be prompted with a pairing code whenever you use the BitBox02 with a new browser or computer.

    Note: When selecting the account/address during step 7: The first account is identical to the one used by the BitBoxApp

    Safety tip: Always check the URL of MyEtherWallet. The URL should be