How can I generate a watch-only version of my BitBox02 wallet?

Note: We plan to add this feature to the BitBoxApp in the future. 

If you want to generate a watch-only version of your BitBox02 account, you will need to export your extended public key(s) into a separate software wallet that allows for this feature natively. 
You can use Electrum, for example.

An extended public key allows to generate all receive addresses associated with your wallet and therefore, it is highly sensitive from a privacy perspective. An extended public key does not allow you to make transactions, only to view your wallet addresses & transaction history.

If you want to unpack a little bit more on what an xpub is and how to display it on our BitBoxApp please have a read here: Where can I find my extended public keys?

Bear in mind you should be cautious of how you are exporting your extended public keys. Anyone with access to it can view your wallet transaction prior and future history/balance. 
Using a safe computer and trustworthy wallet is of utmost importance.

Attention: By default the BitBoxApp uses "unified accounts" with the BitBox02 which means that the Bitcoin account consists of three address types (wrapped-segwit, native-segwit and taproot), all of which have a separate extended public keys. 
All extended public keys are displayed in the account information section in the BitBoxApp (if you only see 2x, then please update your BitBox02 firmware). 
This means that if you want to create a watch-only wallet you might have to create three separate watch-only wallets in order to see your full transaction history/wallet balance. However, be aware that the extended public key for Taproot addresses starts with xpub.... exactly like the extended public key for Legacy addresses. This means that most watch-only wallets will import it as a Legacy extended public key and therefore your transactions sent to Taproot addresses will not show up. We are currently not aware of any watch-only wallet that lets you specify that an extended public key starting with xpub... is a Taproot extended public key instead of a Legacy extended public key

How to create a watch-only wallet on Electrum

Launch Electrum on your computer. Click File>New/Restore, type a name for the wallet and tick 'Standard wallet'.

Tick 'Use private or public keys'.

Paste your extended public key in the text box.

Click the Next button to finish the creation of your watch-only wallet. You will see a warning that says in simple terms, you are opening a watch-only wallet.

You are all set! You can generate as many new addresses as needed and look at your transaction history. When receiving larger amounts it is definitely recommended to securely verify the receive address on your BitBox02 instead of blindly trusting a software wallet.