How to receive payments on your BitBox02?

Select account

Use the menu on the left to choose the coin you would like to receive. To activate more coins check out: Which coins does the BitBox02 support?

Watch receive tutorial video or keep on reading

Click "Receive"

Once you have selected the coin, click the “Receive” button in the upper right corner. You will then see the first few characters of a receive address. In order to get the complete address you need to verify it on your BitBox02 by clicking “Show and verify full address on device”.
The address will then be shown on your BitBox02 and the BitBoxApp at the same time.

Change to compatible address (Segwit)

If you are using an exchange or wallet that does not support native segwit (bc1…) addresses, click the “change to compatible address (Segwit)” button to get a standard segwit address with a leading 3…

Copy or scan address

You can then scan the QR-code or copy the address.

Before you receive coins, please click the Show and verify full address on device button in the BitBoxApp and verify the address shown on the BitBox02 display matches with the address the sender will send the coins to.  

Rule: Always trust your hardware wallet, not the wallet app.


You can now use this address to receive Bitcoin on your BitBox02. If you want to do another deposit after you have successfully received funds to this address you just verified, your BitBox02 will create a new receive address, to prevent using the same address, which can decrease your privacy.