What data is shared with Shift Crypto when using the BitBoxApp?

To use your BitBox in the most privacy preserving way we recommend to connect the BitBoxApp to your own node. For instruction see: How to connect the BitBoxApp to my own full node?

If you use do not connect the BitBoxApp to your own node, it will connect to the default node which is run by Shift. The Shift server does not log anything related to our customers BitBoxApp usage and never gets access to the extended public keys of your accounts.

The following information is transmitted in order for the BitBoxApp to be functional:

  • The transaction sent (TxID)
  • Receive and change addresses up to gap limits, e.g. all used addresses and up to 20 unused addresses
  • Client IP address
  • Metadata such as date/time of when the app connected to the server
  • Sync status: which headers the client is downloading