How do I restore my wallet without a BitBox?

This section gives a general overview of how you can restore your BitBox02 wallet in case your BitBox02 is lost or broken and you can't get access to a new BitBox02.
We recommend to only import a wallet created with a BitBox02 on another hardware wallet.
Do not import it in a software wallet such as on a computer or smartphone.

Import BitBox02 wallet from microSD card backup

  • Before you can use your wallet backup contained in your microSD card backup you first need to extract the 24 recovery words from it.
  • For that you can use our backup recovery tool.
  • The backup recovery tool is run on your computer which could potentially leak your wallet.
  • Read the advice on the backup recovery tool page carefully.
  • You should only use the backup recovery tool if absolutely necessary, meaning you cannot get access to a new BitBox02 and you do not have your 24 recovery words written down.
  • See: How to use the backup recovery tool?

Import BitBox02 wallet from 24 recovery words

  • You can use this option if you have written down your 24 recovery words.
  • You can then just click “restore” on your new hardware wallet and enter the 24 recovery words to restore your wallet.