Touch-sensor issues

The BitBox02 has eight capacitive touch sensors, four on each side in order to track three different gestures:
  • Tap with one finger to select something such as a character during password entry.
  • Hold with your thumb and index finger on both sides of the BitBox02 in order to confirm important actions such as signing a transaction.
  • Scroll with one finger to scroll horizontally such as when displaying a Bitcoin address on the BitBox02.


  • Make sure you have the latest version of the BitBoxApp installed and open:
  • Make sure that your BitBox02 has the latest firmware. Click on "Manage Device" in the latest BitBoxApp and see if you can update your BitBox02 firmware. If possible, do this.

After that, follow these two tips and the general hints regarding "environmental disturbances":

Sensor calibration

If you are having issues with your touch sensors please try the following:
  1. Plug in the BitBox02, remove your hands and wait 10 seconds so that the touch sensors have time to calibrate. Try if the touch is now working correctly.
  2. Plug in the BitBox02 and then use your index finger to slowly slide along each touch sensitive side from edge to edge. Slide along over the whole length of the touch sensor area. Try if the touch is now working correctly.

Environmental disturbances 

Capacitive touch sensors work by measuring the conductivity of it’s surroundings. By doing that in multiple areas it’s possible to calculate the position of your finger.

That however means that the sensors can be disturbed by other conductive items in the environment.

Here are some examples of what could be interfering with the touch sensors of your BitBox02 thereby making it impossible to calculate the location of your finger:

  • Placing the BitBox02 on a metal table
  • Placing the BitBox02 on your leg
  • Touching the BitBox02 in multiple spots at the same time

Please avoid any such environments that could be interfering with the capacitive touch sensors and try again.